ELKO Marić Ltd Mostar

The company was founded in 1995 with the headquarters in Mostar. Our main activity is the design, production and installation of electrical installation and equipment in the construction industry. We are committed to the constant monitoring of the market as well as new technical and technological achievements in the field of electrical industry, and for these reasons we perform the ongoing education of our employees.



From the very beginning of the work of our company, we strive to respect the all the agreed deadlines.


Our greatest capital is our trained staff who is constantly improving


When working on all of our projects, we follow the leading global standards



Our satisfied customers are our best reference to continue working in this way
If you own your own property in the building process and you want us to do the electrical installations, please contact us this way!
Is there so called “dirty” electricity?
Scientists argue that the electricity can be divided into two types: clean and dirty electricity. The clean electricity is safe and its sinusoid goes 60 times a second. The dirty electricity is electromagnetically polluted and it operates at the frequency 4-100 kHz.
Video monitoring platform
Video is one of the main items of the security system and that should be most common in the near future. In the near future, a video verification as an integral part of each video monitoring platform will be discussed mostly.
Cooperation with BRIESENHOF Marl GmbH company from Germany
Reconstruction of barracks in a residential building, Oldenburg, Germany. Investor: BRIESENHOF GmbH Briesenhof Briesenhof Briesenhof Briesenhof

tuneli tuneli tuneli tuneli
Construction of the lighting and ventilation in tunnels Grabosiječ, Tarčin, Suhodol, Gaj and Tulica. Cable sewerage. Installation of tunnel installations TS 10 (20)/0,4kV for tunnels Grabosiječ, Suhodol, Tarčin and Gaj. CENGIZ d.o.o. Sarajevo.
Border crossing BIJAČA - IPA Fund

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